What does Media Leap have in store for 2021?

What does Media Leap have in store for 2021?

Media Leap has seen a big uptick in users using the service for their personal music cloud player library. We are always looking for ways to improve and that’s why we are currently working on 50+ features/improvements to our service including feedback that we have received from our users.

Our goal is to provide the best experience and the greatest of the features, we are already offering 1TB of free storage, original quality playback and hi-fi audio format uploads all for free that other services are unable to match or compete with! 

Without further ado we will list and talk about some of the things we are working on and will be bringing live in 2021 (We can’t spill all the features/details) 😉

Mass Edit – The mass edit system will allow you to delete and edit multiple songs, albums and artists at the same time. We will also be allowing mass add system to add multiple songs to playlists as well.

Fingerprinting – The fingerprinting feature will allow you to select songs that would want our system to automatically fingerprint. For example if your song is missing info such as title, artist, album, genre or release date our system will automatically fill in that info for you if we can locate it from our database.

Casting – The casting feature will allow you to cast/stream your songs on 3rd party devices that support casting.

Additional file formats – We are working on accepting more file formats that you can upload to the platform. To name a few we will allow alac, wav, acc, wma, m4a and many more!

Search – We will be making intensive changes to our search functionality. You will have the option for advanced searching and can specify if you want to search by artist, certain release year, etc… There are too many mix and match variables to name here so you will have to experience it for yourself! 

Radio – We will be bringing in the ability to listen to radio stations from around the world! 

Additional offline listening – Right now we provide the ability to download individual songs, but soon you will be able to download full albums and playlists as well for offline listening

Download account – Need to backup everything from Media Leap to your local device? You will be able to download everything back to your computer with one click!

Multi-Folder upload – Currently we allow you to upload multiple files at once within a folder. But soon you will also be able to upload multiple folders!

These are just some of the features/improvements we have planned out of the 50+ Stay Tuned as we bring forth these changes over the year for you! Happy Streaming!